art4you Scotland Shop

Welcome to our art4you Scotland Shop.  We reduced the online buying options to our art classes and courses since we perfer to show the art work on offer in person and tell you a bit more about it. Our art materials can also be tested in the studio before you buy them.

We therfore would like to invite you to visit our studio and gallery art Oakwood Garden Centre, Killearn, G63 9PT.

We have a wide variety of art work by local artists and a selection of art materials. All art work sold by art4youScotland is created by local artist who have a close relationship with art4you Scotland either through teaching, attending courses or supporting the art school.

The art materials on offer in the gallery are tried and tested in our art classes and workshops. We are also happy to source art materials for you – just ask.

Any questions – there is still the phone and we are happy to help.

07981 768 081