Learn about the method of printing making and combined it with painting and other mark making techniques. Guided by Sally you will explore how to create your own series of unique prints resulting in spontaneous one-off prints finalising the finished piece of art with different painting techniques.

The printmaking class is for anyone who loves printing and wants to develop this fascinating skill further. All levels are welcome, no previous experience is required. The class is suitable for complete beginners to experienced artists.

The emphasis in the art classes is on printing with various mediums, exploring different techniques, learn how to work the printing press and other hand help printing tools and to have fun. The classes will follow the pattern of

  1. Presentation about an artist or technique then
  2. Demonstration of the technique to be used by the class and then
  3. Practice by the class of the demonstrated technique

Participation in these activities is not compulsory and students are encouraged to develop their own pieces to work in the class. Beginners will be introduced to printmaking techniques that will help them to progress and grow in confidence.

Sally will tutor and advise towards the individual outcome.

Missed classes – our offer:
If you miss one of the days due to other appointments you can join one of our other classes within the running block to make up for the missed class.

2-hour session bookable in 5 – 10 weeks blocks – for course start date and cost please see below.
Max. 12 people per class, prices for classes include all materials.

Gift vouchers available to be used towards any of the classes or workshops.