Drawing & Oil Painting Workshop Still Life with Sally Morrison, Sat 26 Apr 2025, 10-4pm, £126


A selection of still life’s, a range of tools and techniques, and individual guidance will support you in creating your own individual piece of art. We will introduce other artist and discuss and analyse their way of working whilst giving you the opportunity to develop or discover your own preferred style of working.
You will explore different ways of working with the provided drawing and oil painting materials. The course will nurture self-confidence and enjoyment of painting and drawing. The teaching artist Sally Morrison has structured the course to make it suitable for those who have never drawn or painted before and for those who want to strengthen their skills. The course is run in small groups of max 10 and there is plenty of guidance. All levels welcome.

You will learn:
• how to use drawing mediums, oil and acrylic paint
• how to achieve different marks with the different mediums
• how to structure the composition of a flower still life


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This drawing and oil painting workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to capture still lifes in oil and how shapes and proportions interacts and make an interesting painting.  We will practise the still life in drawing medium before using oil paint towards a finished piece of art. Practical tips and advice and high level of personal attention are giving throughout the day – beginners welcome.

you will learn:
• how to use drawing and oil paints materials
• different mark making techniques
• about composition, proportion and outcomes