watercolour and pencil drawing workshop – spring flowers – with Jill Dow, Sat 1 Mar 2025, 10-4pm, £126


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Experience the vibrant allure of spring blossoms! Delight in the vivid hues and intricate designs that have entranced creatives through the ages. Explore the diverse array of these enchanting blooms, ushering in joy and vitality after the frosty embrace of winter. Begin by sketching their graceful forms in pencil, then infuse them with life using watercolours. Let artist Jill Dow ignite your passion for the palette of spring.

In this workshop, you'll discover:

  • Techniques for closely examining the anatomy of spring flowers
  • Methods for rendering these botanical wonders in both pencil and watercolour

Receive invaluable insights, personalised guidance, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere—suitable for all skill levels.

All materials, lunch, and refreshments provided.